Colin Stephen

Colin in a dinner suit I'm a 29 year old British software engineer. I grew up in Elgin in the North of Scotland but I've mainly lived in England for the past 10 years. I married Louise in August 2004, and we've just returned from Italy where Louise worked for the University of Milan as a crystallographer.

In professional life my work mainly involves the World Wide Web, the Internet and Unix systems and either fetching or serving millions of web sites as fast as possible. In the past few years I developed and ran Internet surveys for Netcraft, and was on the web server development team for Zeus

More recently I've been dabbling in improving web spider coverage by automating Mozilla, using XML/XSLT to produce web based language learning tools and doing contract work for an e-commerce site in the US.

For more details, take a look at my CV in a convenient format (text, HTML or PDF)

I can be contacted at and if you use GPG/PGP for secure communications here is my public key.

After Uni I lived in Cambridge for 6 years, which is a pleasantly eccentric town, then in Peasedown St John just outside Bath for 3 years before we moved to Milan.

In my holiday time I like to get out into the wilds and explore some of Britain's great scenery. We particularly like the Hebrides and had a wonderful honeymoon on Skye. The beaches on North Uist are spectacular by the way, and well worth a visit (in summer at least)

When I'm prised from a computer, I enjoy the occasional curry (or chilli), a few good beers and discussing the state of the world or nonsense or both whilst I do it. I'm also doing a Maths degree with the OU.

I grew up in Elgin in the North East of Scotland, between Inverness and Aberdeen, which is a wonderful place if you get the chance to visit. Elgin is the capital of the Speyside malt whisky region with dozens of distilleries nearby, although my current favourite is Talisker.

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